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At Una Europa, we do our best to develop formats and methods that can be used in other contexts, by other organisations and teams and at different scales. Open educational resources and any reference material we find worth sharing can be found here.

All resources

    • PDF — Key steps and milestones of the 1Europe project in 2020; outlook to 2021 and beyond

    • PDF — Call text for the Una Europa Chair in Sustainability at Jagiellonian University

    • Excel — Use this template to outline your budget when responding to the 2020 Call for Seed Funding.

    • Word — Please use this template for endorsement letters supporting your Una Europa Seed Funding Applications.

    • PDF — Any questions about Una Europa's Seed Funding? The most frequently raised questions have been addressed in this FAQ.

    • PDF — All you need to know about Una Europa's 2020 Call for Seed Funding is outlined in this call text. NB: Deadline for submission of applications: 15 October, 17.00 CEST.

    • PDF — KU Leuven Online Courses Faculty of Science 20-21

    • PDF — KU Leuven Online Courses Faculty of Arts 20-21

    • PDF — FU Berlin Online Courses 20-21

    • Excel — JU Online Courses 20 21

    • PDF — An introduction to the ambitions and methodology of Future UniLab, Una Europa's Think Tank dealing with issues linked to the future of universities

    • PDF — Position paper put together by the Future UniLab that outlines the vision for the European University of the Future: bold, integrated, open.