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We believe in a university that is...

  1. 1. not a place, but a body of knowledge, ideas, and values, evolving freely beyond borders, mediums and time.
  2. 2. the home, therefore the responsibility of its community, namely all the people who share and contribute to its ideals.
  3. 3. created by and for society and as such driven to be of relevance, impact and high quality.
  4. 4. an open tradition, using the lessons of the past as a fertile ground to grow solutions for the future.
  5. 5. a mirror of humanity in all its diversity, reflecting cultures and languages, conventions and disruptions.
  6. 6. resolutely independent, shaping its own standards away from the fleeting trends and the impulses of a hasty world.
  7. 7. ready to embrace the challenges of this hasty world, whose fate relies on educated citizens.
  8. 8. a laboratory of the here and now, where creativity and experimentation unlock the hidden potentials of tomorrow.
  9. 9. an intellectual playground, where critical minds can expand to their full aspiration.
  10. 10. a driving influence, transforming education and research on a wider scale, shaping Europe’s shared future for the better.