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Eight leading European research universities have come together to create a unique alliance – Una Europa. Our universities have been educating Europe for almost 1,000 years. Together, we teach more than 400,000 students. Our combined student and staff community approaches half a million people and our digital learners number in the millions. Una Europa aims to draw on our collective strengths to create a truly European inter-university environment, a University of the Future.

Our partner universities


We believe in a university that is...

1. not a place, but a body of knowledge, ideas, and values, evolving freely beyond borders, mediums and time.
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Focus Areas

On the basis of their mission and values, the Una Europa partners have selected five Focus Areas to launch their collaboration. Each fosters multi-disciplinarity and includes most of the studies offered at our universities. The Focus Areas act as initial thematic “glue” that ties our universities together in our mission to create a virtual campus.

We focus our research on:

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    Cultural Heritage

    The rich and diverse Cultural Heritage across the EU shines evidence on the role that universities have played in the creation and cohesion of European identities.

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    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have a pervasive impact on society in all its dimensions, from the way we live our lives and earn our livelihoods to the way we communicate and make decisions.

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    European Studies

    The study of today’s complex European landscape in a world in flux requires an innovative and cross-cutting approach through which to observe Europe, its challenges, but also its opportunities.

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    One Health

    One Health is a recent movement promoting networked thinking about health to improve disease detection, prevention and treatment.

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    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development presents 17 ambitious goals, which integrate economic, social and environmental dimensions.

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Projects are the catalysts that transform our joint ambition into concrete actions. The projects showcased here are central to Una Europa, aligning with our mission, involving many of our partners and providing numerous opportunities for involvement.

Our projects:


    Selected for funding under the European Union's Horizon2020 Framework Programme, Una.Resin will enable Una Europa to develop joint new strategies and transformative collaboration in research and innovation.

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    Funded among the first European University pilots selected by the European Commission in June 2019, our 1Europe project will establish a Europe-wide living lab for testing Joint Innovative Formats for education and mobility (JIFs).

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