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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Data has changed the way we live our lives, earn our livelihoods, communicate, and make decisions. Data science and artificial intelligence(AI) will have a pervasive impact on society in all its dimensions. Not only technologically but also in its legal, ethical, and democratic aspects.

The progress in technology in these fields, driven by data science and recent advances in AI (e.g.evidence- and population-based diagnostic tools in medicine), will have to be encapsulated in new legal practices (e.g. medical responsibility and liability), will create new ethical challenges(induced by technological progress) and will require new mechanisms for governance and democracy (e.g. to avoid decision making bias induced by scientific and technological illiteracy).

Una Europa seeks to ensure that all Europeans are part of the digital transformation, that adequate resources are devoted to AI and that the European Union’s fundamental values and fundamental rights are at the forefront of the AI landscape. The Data Science and AI Focus across the alliance’s activities in research, teaching and outreach to society, as well as informing work undertaken in other Focus Areas.

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