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Introducing the Una Europa Podcast

Podcast -

Una Europa’s vision is to build a University of the Future.

What does this mean in practice? What type of concrete initiatives are being developed? What are the challenges? And possible solutions?

Una Europa podcast - people, plans and progress

Tune in to the Una Europa podcast series for first-hand insights and testimonials from our construction sites. Get to know the people behind Una Europa and their stories.

In the first episode, Herbert Grieshop, Director of International Affairs at FU Berlin talks to Emily Palmer, Secretary-General of Una Europa, and Marta Molino, Project Officer of 1Europe. Join them for a 20-minute journey into the world of Una Europa, its core building blocks and its "little doses of craziness".

What's next?

In upcoming episodes, you will have the chance to ‘meet the voices’ of Una Europa students and researchers or get a glimpse of the visionary debates of Una Europa’s Future UniLab. You can find our podcast episodes in our Stories as well as on Spotify and Google Podcasts.

The podcast is part of the 1Europe project and co-financed by Erasmus+.