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Guardian of past, present, future? Podcast #4 on FutureUniLab

Podcast -

In the fourth episode of the Una Europa Podcast, we look behind the scenes of Future UniLab, our living lab where teams of visionaries discuss the university of the future. Meet three visionaries and learn more about their work over the last months, their results and methodology - and why we should all be cocktail mixologists.

Bartosz Brozek, Professor for Law and Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University and lead of Future UniLab, welcomes three visionaries for a joint re-cap on the work of Future UniLab to date:

  • Soledad Garcia Ferrari, Professor in Global Urbanism and Resilience at the University of Edinburgh, worked with a group of visionaries on the role of universities for sustainability.
  • Henna Pursiainen, student at the University of Helsinki and CEO of Dare to Learn, Northern Europe's largest learning festival, was member of a visionary group discussing how future universities should be integrated with their social environment.
  • James Lamb, Lecturer in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, joined a group of creative thinkers from the Una Europa universities and beyond which discussed the values future universities should embody.

" The future condition of the university is: to be unfinished. "

Henna Pursiainen