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Una Europa 2030 Strategy: Shaping our shared future for the better

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The Una Europa 2030 Strategy is the culmination of a year-long consultation with our community of students, academics and professional staff to set our course for the future, together. Rooted in our Manifesto, the Strategy sharpens our collective focus on the opportunities and challenges that matter most as we move through the decade ahead.

The 2030 Strategy builds on the strong foundation of our pilot phase. In just three short years, Una Europa universities have overcome huge challenges, transcending boundaries of discipline, institution, and country to achieve genuine international collaboration. Together, we have succeeded in pioneering Europe’s first truly joint bachelor’s degree, we have taken concrete steps in driving more transdisciplinary doctoral education, and we have advanced challenge-based, flexible and inclusive pathways to higher education for learners from all backgrounds.

As an alliance, we will continue to pioneer innovative solutions to tackle existing barriers at all levels – both in education and research. Whether it concerns the complexities around the development of joint degree programmes or the sharing and management of research data, we are committing to finding new pathways to seamless transnational collaboration together.

Una Europa 2030 Strategy at a glance

Shaping our shared future, together

The Una Europa 2030 Strategy sets out a framework for shaping the future of the alliance over the next decade:

  • Our six Institutional Drivers will further our development as an alliance, enhancing our connection to our values, our collaborative activities locally and globally, and our sustainability as an institution.
  • Our three Strategic Pillars will advance our ambition of creating a truly inter-university and pan-European campus, shaped by universities’ universal and fundamentally interwoven obligations to society: research and innovation, teaching and learning, and societal outreach. Underpinning each Driver and Strategic Pillar are clear commitments that establish a framework for practical delivery.

Una Europa is driven by our shared values – diversity and human dignity; academic freedom; individual wellbeing – and we are committed to protecting and advancing the broader European values from which these stem.

With our shared values at our core, united in diversity, we will rise to meet the challenges of the decade before us and work together to shape our shared future for the better.