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Europe and the World

The European Union is currently facing major challenges, such as growing anti-European sentiment, the management of large migratory flows, integration into increasingly diverse societies and the capacity of existing welfare systems to manage the consequences of an ageing population. In face of the coronavirus outbreak, all European countries are facing huge challenges to reinforce their public health and to mitigate the socio-economic impact. These are common problems that need common solutions in a context where structural, administrative and cultural differences persist.

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The study of today’s complex European landscape in a world in flux requires an innovative and cross-cutting approach through which to observe Europe from several perspectives at the same time. Europe does not only need to be "studied' from different geographic angles within its borders, but also from various disciplinary perspectives. This approach will weaken the perception of differences as a barrier and promote perspectives focused on the pursuit of common solutions. As an open and interdisciplinary study area, European Studies are necessary as the backbone of a Europe of citizens, of knowledge and of competitiveness. In order to achieve those objectives, Una Europa aims to promote the study of Europe and the World and – at the same time – Europeanise all studies.

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