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Co-creation workshops | Una Europa Student Project Incubator

Event information

Date & location

Online via Zoom


Stinne Vognæs

Una Europa Project Coordinator, Helsingin yliopisto


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Welcome to the co-creative process of developing the Una Europa Student Project Incubator!

Launching at the end of May 2024, the Una Europa Student Project Incubator is a programme to support students across our alliance to learn the skills, find the tools and connect with the networks and collaborators needed to further their idea or project.

These co-creation workshops aim to develop a concept for connecting students virtually from all 11 Una Europa partners to develop and work on project ideas. These might be related to research, policy, entrepreneurial ideas, social challenges, and more - this is open for you to define!

To make sure this is relevant for all Una Europa students and in the spirit of crowdsourcing the best ideas and input from our community, we invite all Una Europa students, staff and anyone interested in the Una Europa community to help us co-create the incubator.

Feel free to join us for one or for all four workshops. You can jump in at any time and no prerequisites are needed.

Workshop schedule

  1. 26 March, 14:00-16:00CET Learning Goals and Skills
  2. What are the learning goals of the incubator? What kind of skills, tools, methods, and goals should the incubator foster? In this workshop we will be exploring these questions through interactive discussions and brainstorming.
  3. 5 April, 12:00-14:00CEST Structure and Implementation
  4. In this workshop we will explore the practical matters of the incubator. How will it be structured, how long will it run, how open will it be? How can we communicate and how do we connect local and hybrid formats to engage with the whole Una Europa community?
  5. 17 April, 14:00-16:00CEST Networks and Partners
  6. This workshop will explore how we can connect different stakeholders, communities and networks that exist within and around Una Europa. How do you build networks and find the right partners and stakeholders and how do we include that in the programme?
  7. 22 April, 11:00-13:00CEST Results and Impact
  8. Finally, we are going to discuss what kind of outputs would be most interesting to take from the Incubator. How can the students' results be shared and how do we continue to support the participants in developing their ideas? What kind of showcasing opportunities would be interesting and how could participants stay engaged after the Incubator has finished?


All workshops will be hosted online in Zoom and conducted in English. We will be using different interactive tools and you will be able to connect with other students and staff from Una Europa universities in the breakout rooms. No prerequisites are needed and you will not need to prepare anything in advance.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your study background and your previous experience with incubators or challenge-based learning. We would like to have as broad a range of students and experiences as possible to create something that's relevant to as many as possible!

The sign up will stay open until the last workshop. You can even sign up on the day of any of the workshops!

The Una Europa Student Academy is part of the alliance's work to empower students, initiated under the Una.Futura project.