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Discovering the Materials of Tomorrow | Webinar 3 - Materials for Solar Hydrogen Production and Biomass Upgrading

Event information

Date & location

From 3:00pm to 4:00pm CET

Online via Zoom


Sami Hietala, Senior University Lecturer

Department of Chemistry Helsingin yliopisto


Join us on Zoom on 15 May. Meeting passcode: 466827

Join us to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery guided by the academic experts behind Una Europa’s Future Materials Focus Area. Let’s come together to envision more sustainable futures built using the materials of tomorrow!

Registration is not required - simply join the Zoom call on the specified dates to get involved!

In our third webinar, we'll be diving into the latest advancements in chemistry and materials science, focusing specifically on "Materials for Solar Hydrogen Production and Biomass Upgrading". Esteemed researchers from Universität Zürich will lead the discussions.

Our first speaker, David Tilley, serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Zürich. His research focuses on inorganic materials geared towards harnessing sunlight and water for hydrogen production (known as solar fuels), as well as electrocatalysis using diverse catalysts, both heterogeneous and anchored molecular ones.

Joining him is Ramon Schnyder, a PhD student under Prof. David Tilley's guidance. Schnyder’s research is centered around Sb2Se3-based photocathodes, specifically designed for solar hydrogen production. Additionally, he explores methods for enhancing biomass substrates to yield platform chemicals, crucial for shaping a new era in the chemical industry.

About the 'Discovering the Materials of Tomorrow' Webinar Series

Discover Una Europa's Future Materials Focus Area with the 'Discovering the Materials of Tomorrow' Webinar Series

Standing at the intersection of science, technology and innovation, Una Europa's Future Materials Focus Area presents a webinar series dedicated to exploring solutions to global challenges through a multidisciplinary lens. The series will tackle issues including energy, the environment, and medical global challenges, bridging the gap between science, and society.

These interactive webinars provide a platform for participants to engage with experts from across Una Europa’s 11 partner universities, together delving into the latest research findings and asking necessary questions. The series encourages the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of novel approaches to tackle complex problems.

Embracing open knowledge sharing and adapting to emerging technologies are fundamental aspects driving these webinars. As a participant, you have the chance to be part of discussions on novel developments in Future Materials, contributing to a collective pool of knowledge across diverse disciplines.

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The 'Discovering the Materials of Tomorrow' webinar series is part of the activities of the Una Europa Future Materials Focus Area initiated under the Una.Futura project.