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Panel discussion & launch event - Are you ready to live with AI?

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Date & location

From 4:00pm to 5:00pm CET

Think Corner at the University of Helsinki, Yliopistonkatu 4

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Stinne Vognæs

Una Europa Project Coordinator, Helsingin yliopisto


No registration required - come to Think Corner or join us on YouTube!

Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly prevalent and central topic of discussion across our societies. How will it impact our lives, and should we be excited about the possibilities or worried about the dangers of it?

Join us for the launch of the Una Europa MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on AI in Society, where you will gain insights on these questions and much more. Participate in person in Helsinki (17:00 - 18:00EET) or connect online (16:00 - 17:00CET).

While AI and Data Science can seem intimidating and complex to those not working in this field, it is increasingly important for students and professionals to learn the basics of AI and understand the possibilities of it. There is a need to understand how it is changing the landscape of different sectors and the effects it has across societies. With this knowledge it is possible to understand the potential that AI has.

This new MOOC is aiming to be exactly that; an introduction to AI with a strong emphasis on the intersection between AI and other fields, such as ethics, healthcare, politics, and law.

AI presents new approaches to how we deal with complex problems and can be applied across sectors. How might it support us in the fight against global poverty or help us in tackling global warming? While these opportunities are exciting, there are still also many challenges and most importantly, we must also learn to understand and critically analyze its impact.

In this launch event, you will be introduced to the Una Europa MOOC AI in Society, get a sneak peak of what the course looks like and what kind of content, activities and learning results you can expect.

Additionally, we have invited an interdisciplinary, international group of distinguished panelists from Europe and Africa. The panelists will bring their different points of view and sectoral perspectives on AI in society, from political science and healthcare to the future of learning and economics.

Meet our speakers


Presentation and showcase of the course

Discussion on the relationship between AI and society – the extensive reach of AI across disciplines, societies and borders. Panellists:

The panel is moderated by Jaakko Kurhila, Chief Digital Officer at Helsingin Yliopisto/ Helsingfors Universitet.

Browse our speaker profiles to learn more about our panellists.

After the panel there will also be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and after the event, we will have time for networking and drinks for the physical participants.

  • Petri Ylikoski

  • Alessandra Scagliarini

  • Jarmo Eskelinen

  • Professor Eric Osei-Assibey

  • Jaakko Kurhila (moderator)