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Doctoral Programme in Cultural Heritage: Information Webinar

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From 2:00pm CET

Virtual event


Maria Gravari-Barbas

Chair, Una Europa Self-Steering Committee for Cultural Heritage

Join our Una Europa interdisciplinary and transnational ecosystem in Cultural Heritage!

We are happy to announce that our Una Europa Doctoral Programme in Cultural Heritage (Una-Her-Doc) is open for applications, for the first generation of Doctoral Candidates starting their studies in 2021/2022 academic year. Join us for our information webinar to find out more about the programme and how you can get involved.

What is Una-Her-Doc?

The Una-Her-Doc programme is offered by all eight Una Europa universities. It is open to Doctoral candidates who would simultaneously be enrolled in two Una Europa universities, through bilateral agreements of co-supervision. Aside from a double or joint doctoral degree from these two universities, Una-Her-Doc awards a Certificate on Cultural Heritage co-signed by all the eight Una Europa universities to Doctoral Candidates who fulfilled programme’s requirements.

Una-Her-Doc programme aims at contributing to interdisciplinarity; internationalization of learning; international networking and co-creation of a transnational research ecosystem in Cultural Heritage.

It offers innovative educational formats, alternative forms of transnational mobilities – digital and virtual; multilingualism.

Una-Her-Doc programme offers flexible and adjustable contents, allowing the Doctoral candidates to build their own doctoral career in concert with their supervisors and cosupervisors.

What are the aims of the programme?

The programme ambitions to contribute to the education of experts in different fields of Cultural Heritage for jobs in academia, consultancy, NGOs, heritage and culture institutions, the private sector, European administration, etc. and to the creation of European profiles for young professionals who aspire to work in a European and international environment in relation to Cultural Heritage.

It aims at facilitating contacts and learning from European professionals from the Cultural Heritage sector. It offers high quality interdisciplinary educational materials co-produced by Una Europa universities.

The programme ambitions to create international cohorts of Doctoral candidates, regularly interacting with each other, in PhD workshops, transnational research teams or joint courses and seminars.

Who is Una-Her-Doc for?

Una-Her-Doc is addressed to Doctoral candidates of different disciplinary backgrounds:

  • who wish to enroll in one of the eight Una Europa universities and co-enroll to another Una Europa university

  • whose PhD research project is related to cultural heritage studies

  • who aspire to a European career in the field of cultural heritage

  • who desire to experience truly transnational and interdisciplinary learning

To find out more about the programme and how to apply view the Una-Her-Doc announcement

This project was created as part of our Cultural Heritage focus area, and was initiated from the 1Europe project.