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Seed Funding: Special DIGITALIZED! edition for young researchers

Una Europa is launching a special edition of its seed funding initiative. This special edition forms part of the NAWA-funded DIGITALIZED! project, carried out by Jagiellonian University under the "Academic International Partnerships" programme. The special edition is exclusively targeting young researchers from Una Europa universities interested in collaborating on digital technologies for society.

Broad scope, four topics

The Una Europa Seed Funding Initiative aims to initiate collaborative activities among the academic community of the partner universities. If you are a young researcher (PhD plus 8 years), this is your opportunity to build an Una Europa network to work on e.g. joint publications, grant proposals, new research collaboration, business-academia cooperation, cooperation with social institutions, science-based citizen-engagement actions or science communication formats.

The broad thematic scope for this DIGITALIZED! call is how digital technologies shape societies. More concretely, the financed projects should address one of the following topics in an interdisciplinary way:

  1. Digital mind: mind - machine interaction; extended mind; the influence of digital technologies on the functioning of the human mind; digital tools to aid research on brain & mind; new algorithms to aid decision-making; related ethical and legal issues.
  2. Digital communities: the influence of digital technologies on communities; the nature and dynamics of online communities; virtual and blended spaces for communities; alienation in the digital age; digital communication; related ethical and legal issues.
  3. Digital governance: the role of digital technologies in all levels of governance; e-democracy; values in the digital world; law and Artificial Intelligence; the legal status of autonomous machines; legal regulations of digital technologies.
  4. Digital economy: the 4th industrial revolution; digital technologies and circular economy; digital technologies and sustainability; economic decision-making in the digital era; digital tools to aid economic policy-making; related ethical and legal issues.

Young researchers from at least 3 Una partners

Seed funding projects must be coordinated by an early-stage career researcher from one Una Europa university and must involve early-stage career researchers from at least an additional twoUna Europa universities. For the purpose of the call, early-stage career researcher is defined as having obtained a PhD degree but having less than 8 years of research experience after obtaining the PhD.

The more partners, the more funding

Successful projects can receive up to 25,000 EUR. The level of funding is subject to the amount of Una Europa partners involved. Eligible costs include:

  • Travel costs, accommodation, daily allowance and organizational support
  • Funding of temporary staff/subcontracting costs to support the project if these resources are not available within the consortium
  • Purchase of software and hardware that is clearly demonstrated to benefit the project and partnership as a whole
  • Open access publications when relevant and within the timeframe of the project

The total call budget amounts to approx. 150,000 EUR.

Apply this autumn for your 2022 activities

Your proposed seed funding project can be up to 8 months in length and should take place between February and September 2022. The deadline for application is 5 November 2021. Detailed guidance on the evaluation criteria and the application process can be found in the official call text.

This special edition of the Una Europa seed funding initiative is supported by the DIGITALIZED! project funded by NAWA, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

Contact information

For more information on the Seed Funding Scheme, please contact: