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Una Europa's Joint Innovative Formats (JIFs) for Mobility: Interactive platform

A free flow of students and staff and increased opportunities to learn, grow and innovate lie at the heart of Una Europa's vision for a University of the Future. And part of making this vision a reality is not only sharing new ways to enable mobility among our community, but also making them available to other higher education institutions and alliances.

Explore our Joint Innovative Formats for Mobility

We've developed a range of Joint Innovative Formats (JIFs) for Mobility – innovative ways of enabling mobility among and between the alliance’s university ecosystems – designed to be scalable and replicable by the Una Europa community and beyond.

Discover how you can replicate our JIFs by exploring our interactive platform below. Browse our mobility models and navigate to 'how-to' manuals based on your needs.

This project output was initiated under the 1Europe project.

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