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KU Leuven's Rachel Armstrong

Una Europa rep to oversee EIT Culture & Creativity set-up

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As a member of the interim Constituting Supervisory Board, KU Leuven’s Rachel Armstrong will play a pivotal role in the set-up of EIT Culture & Creativity – a multimillion euro partnership with the European Institute of Innovation & Technology to transform the cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI) across Europe.

Rachel Armstrong, ZAP Professor of Design-Driven Construction for Regenerative Architecture at KU Leuven, has been selected as one of five members of EIT Culture & Creativity’s interim Constituting Supervisory Board. Rachel will supervise and support EIT Culture & Creativity’s leadership in the project’s set-up phase and in planning its initial activities. The role will include shaping EIT Culture & Creativity’s governance structure, notably processes and policies associated with the initiative’s Supervisory Board and its stakeholder relationships. As a lead partner of EIT Culture & Creativity, Una Europa will support Rachel’s critical work to set the project up for success.

" EIT Culture & Creativity has a truly ambitious vision to transform Europe’s cultural and creative sectors. The set-up phase will be crucial. I am delighted to contribute to this vital work as a member of the interim Constituting Supervisory Board. "

Rachel Armstrong
Interim Constituting Supervisory Board Member, EIT Culture & Creativity
ZAP Professor of Design-Driven Construction for Regenerative Architecture, KU Leuven

A bold and ambitious vision for CCSI

Una Europa played a central role in securing the bid for EIT’s ninth Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), EIT Culture & Creativity, as a lead partner of ICE-Innovation by Creative Economy, a consortium of 50 partners from 20 European countries. Una Europa will continue as a lead partner, representing partner universities and facilitating their involvement. Six EIT Culture & Creativity Co-Location Centres (CLCs) will be set up, ensuring pan-European coverage and accessibility for innovators and creatives, including two in Una Europa-affiliated cities: Helsinki, Finland (CLC North) and Bologna, Italy (CLC South).

" Warm congratulations to Rachel on her appointment to the interim Constituting Supervisory Board. As a pioneer and advocate of the arts and cultural sector within science and innovation, Rachel is a true asset to EIT Culture & Creativity. "

Koenraad Van Balen
Academic Lead, Una Europa

EIT Culture & Creativity will be supported by a start-up grant of up to €6m to December 2023, and up to €70m annually in the first four years. Ultimately, through other sources of private and public funding, EIT Culture & Creativity is expected to achieve financial independence and sustainability in the long term.

Over the coming 15 years, the consortium’s bold and ambitious vision for CCSI will encompass unique entrepreneurial education courses that combine technical and entrepreneurial skills, innovation-driven research projects, and business and acceleration services. This mirrors Una Europa’s commitment to educating Europe for the future, enabling students and lifelong learners to gain transversal and professional skills that will help the European Union to prosper and bring innovation to the world.

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