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Una.Lecture | Living Lab - Bees, biodiversity and urban sustainability

Event information

Date & location

From 4:00pm to 6:00pm CET

Veterinarium Progressum, Kleintierklinik der FU Berlin

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The second Una Europa Lecture of 2023 will explore how European Universities Initiative alliances can contribute to urban biodiversity, presenting a case study on the importance of bees to biological diversity from Una Europa partner Freie Universität Berlin.

The Lecture will be delivered in German and is part of the programme for Berlin Science Week 2023, a 10-day celebration of scientific excellence, knowledge and discovery, and promoting innovative exchange.

About the Lecture

This Una Europa Lecture will take the form of a panel discussion. Our speakers Christina Dreher, Sophia Lokatis and Randolf Menzel will share fascinating insights from their diverse research areas - from biochemistry to neurobiology to veterinary medicine - and explore the question of how researchers, universities and alliances can contribute to urban biodiversity.

After the panel, audience members are invited to exchange with our speakers and other experts at our dedicated exhibition, complete with handouts and practical displays. Chat to experts including:

  • Master beekeeper Stephanie Ludewig shares her experience and expertise of beekeeping on the Freie Universität Berlin campus
  • Tim Landgraf presents his insights intot he complex work of bee robots from his research project, "Hiveopolis"
  • Doctoral student Rebecca Rongstock, who leads the "Blooming Campus" initiative at Freie Universität Berlin, offers her perspective on how the university supports biological diversity and ways in which the public can make Berlin more sustainable in our everyday lives

This lecture is delivered as part of our outreach activities initiated under the Una.Futura project.