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The Future of Europe: What lies ahead for young people?

Event information

Date & location

From 2:30pm to 4:00pm CET

Online via livestream


Helena Drdlová

Una Europa team at Helsingin yliopisto/Helsingfors universitet

Are you pondering the future of Europe? Do you feel that European affairs are distant from your student life? If you answered yes to one of these questions, this event is for you!

Join us to hear some of the challenges Europe is facing, what the future looks like and how this all affects students and young people. As the European elections approach, it is the perfect time to bring out topical issues ranging from security to integration and from sustainability to European identity.

About the event

Join us for a keynote speech and panel discussion that will bring together speakers from different fields. The focus is particularly on the perspectives of the younger generation and their role in today’s Europe. You will also have an opportunity to contribute to the discussion during a Q&A session, either through the chat or Padlet.

Our panellists include Professor David Inglis of Helsingin yliopisto/ Helsingfors universitet; Sanna Salo, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs; and Samuli Leppämäki, Board Member at JEF Finland. The panel discussion will be moderated by Sophie Nyyssönen, who is a former Board member of the Student Union of Helsingin yliopisto/ Helsingfors universitet and has just finished her traineeship as an assistant to MEP Alviina Alametsä.

The event is open to everyone. It will take place at Think Corner, or you can follow along via the livestream.

The event is organised by the Una Europa Local Student Task Force at Helsingin yliopisto/ Helsingfors universitet. The Una Europa Local Student Task Forces are part of the alliance's work to empower students, developed under the Una.Futura project.

You can find more information about the Helsinki Local Student Task Force how to get involved on the Una Europa-Helsinki website.