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Una Europa Talk: Blockchain technology for Future Students

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From 4:45pm to 5:30pm CET

La Chaufferie, Etterbeek (Brussels) & Webstream

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Seats are limited! Make sure to register for the Talk if you would like to attend the physical event.

This Una Europa Talk will bring together a panel of expert voices both from within and outside the Una Europa alliance to discuss the crucial role of blockchain technology in reinforcing transnational collaboration in higher education. The panel will exchange views on achievements so far and reflect on what is needed to accelerate tangible impact on stakeholders and the European Higher Education Area at large. The Talk is an integral part of the showcase of the University of the Future that marks the closing of our 1Europe project.


  • João Rodrigues Frade Head of Sector, DG DIGIT, European Commission
  • Rebecca Montanari, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna
  • Jan Du Caju, Blockchain Working Group, KU Leuven Central Computer Department
  • Student representative
  • Moderated by Eveline van Rijswijk

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology is seen as key to underpin Una Europa’s ambition of creating a truly European inter-university environment, where students are able to move seamlessly and efficiently between the different partner institutions and new and transparent administrative workflows are deployed. Una Europa has been one of the leading European University Alliances when it comes to exploring the use of blockchain technology to support the exchange and automatic recognition of educational credentials in cross-border and multi-university settings.

Concretely, a dedicated Una Europa Blockchain Working Group has started developing a proof of concept for technology to support the exchange of diplomas and credits between the partner institutions (and beyond) in a secure and fraud-proof manner. To further these developments, two Una Europa partner universities have been actively involved in the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure’s Early Adopters Programme. In this project, the University of Bologna and KU Leuven have successfully realised a proof of concept where a student is participating in an exchange programme between the two universities.

Are you keen to see the results and learn more? Then make sure you choose the Talk when getting registered. Seats are limited.