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Una Europa Talk: Europe and Africa, Shaping our Future Together

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Date & location

From 4:00pm to 5:00pm CET

Think Corner at the University of Helsinki, Yliopistonkatu 4

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Anna-Maria Salmi

Head of Development International Affairs University of Helsinki


Registration is not needed for this event - join us on YouTube!

Join us for the Una Europa Talk on 1 June 2022, in person in Helsinki (17:00 - 18:00EET) or online via YouTube (16:00 - 17:00CET). The fourth edition of our Talk will explore opportunities for collaboration between Europe and Africa to find solutions to global challenges, and the key obstacles that must be addressed to build bridges between the two continents.

Our Talk is your Talk. Share your thoughts and questions in the YouTube comments or on Twitter and Instagram using #UnaEuropaTalk.

We believe that solutions to some of the most pressing global challenges can come from joining forces between Europe and Africa. Join the Una Talk, which brings together insight from academia and beyond to discuss the great potential of European and African universities working together.

How can we build sustainable collaboration that brings added value and helps to solve the greatest challenges of our times? What role can continental and governmental strategies play in boosting collaboration? What kind of opportunities are there for truly equal partnerships between the two continents? What are the potential challenges and sources of inequalities, and how can we solve them? How are “Africa” and “Europe” portrayed, and what are the implications? How can we widen knowledge production, ensure our graduates are future-ready and build more inclusive research and learning environments? How do we shape a better future together?

Una Europa has defined the African continent as a strategic priority and is now building strategic collaboration with African universities. This panel will walk you through some of the key issues we need to address as we build bridges between the two sister continents, co-create exciting new initiatives, and shape the future of our staff and students.

Confirmed line-up of speakers




  • Ms. Liselott Lindström, freelance journalist with extensive experience from Africa

Browse our speakers' profiles to find out more.

  • Felix Dapare Dakora

  • Johanna Sumuvuori

  • Tuija Brax

  • James Smith

  • Liselott Lindström (Moderator)

This event is initiated as part of the 1Europe project co-funded under Erasmus+.