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This Spring, students from across Europe will come together to create concepts that advance diversity, equity and inclusion in academic communities. Follow their journey on social media #UnaTogether

Design an academic community you are proud to be part of! Join Una.Together!

Una.Together is a seven-week online program that brings together students from all over Europe. Join forces with fellow Una Europa students to seek solutions to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in academic communities.

Each Una Europa university will introduce a current diversity, equity and inclusion challenge they are facing, and an international group of students will work together to create a solution. A snippet into the challenges will be shared before the start of the program, and full details can be found in the Una.Together guidebook.

Applications to this initiative are now closed. We will use this page to share the work of our student participants as they progress through the program. Watch this space!

Design an academic community you are proud to be part of

Students apply individually and then join forces in international groups. Teamed up with facilitators and experts, students participate in lectures, workshops and an intensive kick-off weekend (see the detailed timeline below). The program culminates in each team presenting their solutions to other participants and a jury in a publicly streamed online event. In addition to the concrete solutions, Una.Together as a program supports international interaction and collaboration in itself, boosting academic communities towards enhanced inclusivity.

Una.Together is organised in collaboration with the eight Una Europa universities, the University of Helsinki and Helsinki Think Company acting as the main organisers. Helsinki Think Company is an organisation based at the University of Helsinki which develops programs and challenges that encourage impactful action.

Una.Together Guidebook

Why should we care about diversity, equity and inclusion?

At Una Europa, we believe every person should be appreciated exactly as they are. Diversity, equity and inclusion are values that Una Europa universities intentionally implement in everything we do. A diverse range of identities – age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexuality, religion, you name it – should all be taken into account and embraced in our academic communities, as much as everywhere else.

University education and research is mostly funded by the public – yet not everyone has access to the spaces in which we learn and interact. Analysing the privileges and current power imbalances is critical. Does everyone have equal opportunities? Do people feel like they belong and are valued? Have we done enough?

A broader range of experiences is essential and we believe that societal challenges can be best solved by diverse groups of people.

We believe that creating a diverse, inclusive academic community benefits the whole society. We want to create a safe space for students to speak their mind – a space where every opinion is valued and each person equally appreciated. The program encourages students to communicate compassionately, share their perspectives and also listen with intention. The solutions that students create can have a lot of impact when implemented.

How will I benefit from participating in the program?

  • Create connections that last a lifetime - Una.Together brings together students from eight European universities.
  • Learn new tools and gain new skills- The program offers tools for creative problem solving, design thinking, project management and communication. This know-how is applicable to almost any project and appreciated in work life. Skills such as piloting and pitching might sound a bit startup-y, but they can be useful in academia too!
  • Learn from the best - Each team participating in Una.Together are mentored and lectures and workshops are held by experts in the field. Key concepts are explained first and open conversations are encouraged. In the final showcase, you have the opportunity to present your ideas to professionals.
  • Recognition for your work - Each student receives a participation certificate at the end of the program. Some universities might provide study credits for students taking part – check with your university to confirm!

Timeline and level of commitment

The Una.Together program consists of:

  • Four lectures, 5, 7, 12 and 21 April (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16–19CET)
  • Opening weekend, 23 – 24 April (Saturday and Sunday at 10–17CET)
  • Six workshops, 26 April – 12 May (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 16–19CET)
  • Final showcase, 13 May, 16-20CET
  • Final workshop, 19 May, 16-18CET

The program involves lectures, an intensive two-day opening weekend and facilitated workshops. All of these are organised online on Zoom and participants are expected to actively take part. Tools such as Slack and Miro will be introduced to make the collaborative work of the teams easier.

Teams are encouraged to work on their solutions outside of organised workshops. Facilitators of the program are happy to help with this!

Take part in the conversation in our social media channels:

This initiative is an element of the 1Europe Project, organised in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and Helsinki Think Company.

Contact information

Any questions? Reach out to Stinne Vognæs, Una-Together coordinator