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Joint Doctoral Programme in Cultural Heritage

With our Joint Doctoral Programme, we at Una Europa aim to go beyond previously tested models for European doctoral programmes. Our Joint Doctoral Programme piloted in the field of Cultural Heritage is:

  • a joint/double European doctoral title recognized widely;
  • based on mandatory supervision of the doctoral candidate by professors from two Una Europa partner universities;
  • featuring obligatory stays at several Una Europa partners;
  • including Una Europa PhD Workshops as well as jointly offered courses and modules for soft (transversal) skills development;
  • administered by joint structures for admission, selection, supervision and assessment.

Content and relevance

Heritage is a source of common identity and cohesion among the eight Una Europa universities, all of which demonstrate a rich offer in Cultural Heritage as a field of study and research. The joint doctorate will build on doctoral studies offered by various schools and faculties, such as Fine Arts, Documentation Sciences, Tourism, Law, Philology, Humanities, Geography, History, Architecture and Engineering.

Una Europa's Cultural Heritage community

Heritage is a source of common identity and cohesion among all eight Una Europa universities, bringing together academics and researchers to create a vibrant community of experts. From this community the PhD Workshop in Cultural Heritage format was created, a mandatory part of the Una-Her-Doc programme that experiments with innovative approaches to doctoral education and offers Una Europa PhD students the chance to gain insights from different schools of thought.

The first PhD Workshop in Cultural Heritage, "Heritage Hybridisations: Concepts, Scales and Spaces" took place online on May 10-12, 2021.

Find out more about the first Una Europa PhD Workshop in Cultural Heritage

The second PhD Workshop in Cultural Heritage, "Dissonant Heritage: Concepts, Critiques, Cases" took place in Bologna and in Kraków on November 16-20, 2021.

Find out more about the second Una Europa PhD Workshop in Cultural Heritage

In the fifth episode of the Una Europa Podcast, Dr Markus Edler, Chair of Una Europa's Doctoral Training Cluster, speaks to Professor Maria Gravari-Barbas from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne about the amazing opportunities that arise from working in the Una Europa Cultural Heritage community. Gain first-hand insights into our new Joint Doctorate, Una-Her-Doc and listen to two PhD candidates, Sabine Volk and Virginia de Diego, who participated in the first Una Europa Cultural Heritage PhD Workshop:

The Joint Doctorate in Cultural Heritage and the PhD Workshops on Cultural Heritage are Joint Innovative Formats developed under the 1Europe project.

Contact information

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