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PhD Workshops

Una Europa PhD Workshops bring together groups of PhD students around a dedicated topic, e.g. from the Una Europa Focus Areas.

Workshops usually feature a mix of:

  • Presentations by PhD candidates,
  • Round tables,
  • Debates,
  • Exchanges with supervisors,
  • Exchanges with industry, and
  • Field trips.

Normally running for three to five days, our workshops aim at maximizing the possibilities for interaction while challenging participants with new concepts, approaches, methodologies and schools of thought.

As short-term, physical mobility format, Una Europa PhD Workshops are an integral and mandatory part of our Joint Doctorate. Participants are awarded credits for taking part in the PhD Workshops, which are hosted by the different Una Europa locations on a rotation basis.

PhD Workshops are one of the Joint innovative formats developed under the 1Europe Project.

Contact information

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