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Una Europa Student Board

The Una Europa Student Board comprises two student representatives from each member university of the alliance. The Student Board’s role is to act as a unified voice for all students across our alliance and to promote Una Europa initiatives and opportunities to our student community. The Board work together to tackle problems students might be facing and act as a link between students and Una Europa staff.

" As the Student Board, we want to ensure that Una Europa offers not only projects but a new family-like community for every student, not just the privileged few. "

Julius Gast, Co-Chair of the Una Europa Student Board 2023/24 (Freie Universität Berlin)

Who is my representative on the Una Europa Student Board?

What is the Student Board's role in Una Europa?

The Student Board amplifies student voices by attending meetings with key stakeholders across the alliance, from the Board of Directors and Project Steering Committee to bilaterals with staff. Members of the Board attend these meetings to offer the perspective of students on the work of the alliance. The Student Board also holds monthly meetings online and a few meetings in person each year, during which they discuss pressing topics concerning student representation. For bigger decisions the Student Board always holds a vote in which each university has one vote.

The Student Board is also in regular communication with Una Europa vzw, the alliance’s central team, through the Senior Governance Officer and student intern, who keeps the Board updated on new decisions.

Each Una Europa university also organises its own Local Task Force to facilitate student engagement at local level. The Student Board collaborates closely with the Local Task Forcesto implement different student-led projects and ensure that the voice of the student community is heard and acted on in all areas of alliance activity.

With every decision, the Student Board puts the students’ needs first. They represent and amplify student voices while working to bring the best possible outcomes for all Una Europa students.

Organisational chart demonstrating how the Student Board connects with the Una Europa central team and the Local Task Forces embedded in our universities.

Get in touch with the Student Board!

Do you want to take an active role in Una Europa by participating in project implementation and decision-making? Do you have ideas you want the Student Board to bring forward to staff? Write to the Student Board and they will find a way for you to get involved that suits you best:

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