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Seed-funded Projects

The Una Europa seed funding initiative aims to spark and support long-term collaborative activities between our partner universities, to "plant a seed" that will eventually attract external funding.

Here you can learn about all our seed funding projects so far. Please use the filters to search by call, Focus Area or academic discipline. You can find more information in the downloadable PDFs. If you have further questions regarding a specific project, please reach out to the coordinator(s) of the project using the contact details provided.

All Seed Funding projects

    • ALIHAS
      Contact: Silvio Cruschina, Associate professor, Dept. of Languages Italian Philology

      A Lingustic Investigation of Hate Speech: How to identify it and how to avoid it

      Download (PDF, 79 KB)
    • Colorful Souls
      Contact: José María Salvador González, Professor, Dept. of History of Art

      Sensitivity, Materiality, and Symbolism in the Colors of the Middle Ages (400-1500)

      Download (PDF, 89 KB)
    • LARES
      Contact: Giuseppina Viscardi, Associate Professor, Dept. of History and Cultures

      Language and Religion. Lexical Change and Variation in Religious in Religious Enculturation / Acculturation phenomena of the Ancient World

      Download (PDF, 86 KB)
    • Towards using DNA nanostructures as targeted pharmaceuticals
      Contact: Giampaolo Zuccheri, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

      Towards the use of DNA nanostructures as targeted pharmaceuticals

      Download (PDF, 87 KB)
      Contact: Alessandro Dal Pozzo, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Engineering

      Exploring the feasibility of CO2 capture applied to waste combustion

      Download (PDF, 83 KB)
    • Dante and the Multiplicities of Cultures in Medieval Europe
      Contact: Giuseppe Ledda, Associate Prof, Dept. of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

      The project built a research network involving scholars across European universities, working jointly towards exploring how Dante’s writings reflect and interact with the variety of cultures of medieval Europe and the reception of Dante’s works in various European countries.

      Download (PDF, 78 KB)
    • Early Career Researcher Workshop: Environmental Plant Cell
      Contact: Steven Spoel, Personal Chair of Cell Signalling, School of Biological Sciences

      UNA EUROPA Early Career Researcher Workshop: Environmental Plant Cell.

      Download (PDF, 77 KB)
    • Dialogues between policy-makers and academia
      Contact: Maria C. Latorre Muñoz, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies, Research and Int. Relations

      The project aims at creating a full-fledged interdisciplinary “Una Europa Global Governance Research Group” composed by Una Europa members.

      Download (PDF, 84 KB)
    • DigiHealthPE
      Contact: Maria José Camacho-Miñano, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Languages, Arts and Physical Education

      An interdisciplinary, international and collaborative research approach to developing critical digital health pedagogies for teachers of physical education

      Download (PDF, 84 KB)
    • Creating a collaborative UNAEUROPA Service-Learning network
      Contact: Cinzia Albanesi, Professor, Dept. of Psychology

      Creating a collaborative UNAEUROPA Service-Learning network to transform teaching and learning in the European Space of Higher Education

      Download (PDF, 82 KB)
    • CUTE
      Contact: Maria Gravari-Barbas, Professor (Physical, human, economic and regional geography)

      CULTURAL HERITAGE AT THE EDGE (CUTE): Stakes and opportunities of cultural heritage revitalization in European urban fringes

      Download (PDF, 92 KB)
    • DAMR
      Contact: Frederique Pasquali, Junior Assist. Prof., Dept. of Agricultural and Food Sciences

      Disseminate AntiMicrobial Resistance knowledge and the use of whole genome sequencing on relevant bacterial pathogens during COVID-19 world emergency (DAMR)

      Download (PDF, 75 KB)