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Closing event: Knowledge hub for resilient cities & communities

Event information

Date & location

From 2:00pm to 1:00pm CET

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

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Paola Giglio

Higher Education and Events, Fondazione Alma Mater


Location: Department Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna (Piazza Scaravilli 2), Bologna, Italy

This event marks the close of the Una Europa seed-funded project, "Knowledge hub to promote the transition towards resilient cities and communities". The purpose of this event is to share outcomes and a future plan of activity on sustainability and related issues at Una Europa partner universities. The event is open to anyone from an Una Europa university with an interest in sustainability and climate change in education, as well as education in connection with funding and with innovation.

About the Project

Knowledge hub to promote the transition towards resilient cities and communities is a collaborative, seed-funded project that aims to design a knowledge hub within Una Europa to support the transition to resilient communities.

Extreme events caused by climate change have progressively increased in frequency and severity strongly affecting our cities and regions. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated that our communities are not resilient: the economic and social systems struggle in mitigating the effects of lockdowns. Thus, a crisp change would be required in all sectors to build a resilient society and economy able to tackle pandemic and climate change threats. among others: economics, energy, social relationship, preservation of biodiversity, buildings, mobility, sustainable production and consumption cycle. This revolutionary change needs a cultural revolution, grounded on strong, shared, and inclusive education system.

In this framework, the project aims at making a survey on the existing education activities within the Universities of the Una Europa network that apply to resilience, climate change and circular economy related concepts and approaches.

the K-R hub project received funding from the Una Europa Seed Fund initiative.


  1. Monday 11 April
  2. 14:00 Joint education programs in the Una Europa network - Silvia Bianconcini, Una Europa Board of Directors
  3. 14:20 The K-R hub seed funding: outcomes and future perspectives - Alberto Bellini
  4. 14:30 Report on Working Group (WG)1 - Nora Große
  5. 14:50 Report on WG2 - Lisa Borgatti
  6. 15:10 Coffee break
  7. 15:30 Report on WG3 - Andrej Adamski
  8. 15:50 Report on WG4 - Susi Poli
  9. 16:10 Report on WG5 - Alberto del Barrio
  10. 16:30 Coffee break
  11. Tuesday 12 April
  12. 9:30 Introduction to scope and methods of the working groups
  13. 10:00 First parallel session: Education, Innovation and Funding
  14. 11:00 Coffee break
  15. 11:30 Second parallel session: Education, Innovation and Funding
  16. 12:30 Coffee break