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Fourth DIGITALIZED! Masterclass for PhD students

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Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie

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Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie presents the fourth Una Europa Masterclass workshop for PhD students, held under the DIGITALIZED! Society in the Era of Digital Revolution project.

Una Europa Masterclasses are a series of meetings between world-leading scientists, entrepreneurs, science managers, and opinion-makers to discuss a selected, vital problem falling within the thematic scope of the project.

The fourth Una Masterclass workshop The Individual in the Data Revolution: Empowerment and Responsibility will be held by Professor Davide Carneiro, an Adjunct Invited Professor at the School of Management and Technology, of the Polytechnic of Porto. Una Europa PhD students with an interest in the workshop topic are invited to apply now until 10 April, 2022.

The Individual in Data Revolution: Empowerment & Responsibility

Currently, all our activities generate data, and most of our decisions are driven, directly or indirectly, by data. In a few years, without asking for it, we became nodes in a worldwide network of consumers and producers of data. As individuals, never before have we had the power to connect to and influence everything around us, people and algorithms alike. We must however also acknowledge the responsibility that comes with this power. In such a digitalized world built entirely on data, to understand the reach that data and algorithms now have in our lives is a new form of literacy. Which is fundamental to try to glimpse or even influence the role that data will play in our lives, and where we, as individuals, will be in its midst. In this masterclass we will look at this ongoing technological revolution, understand how we got here, try to devise the potential futures, and discuss the role that each one of us plays towards deciding which of these futures becomes reality.

PhD students currently enrolled at an Una Europa university with an interest in the workshop topic are invited to submit their applications now. The selection of participants will be based on the order of application. Jagiellonian University covers the cost of flights, accommodation and provides catering.

About the organiser

Prof. Davide Carneiro is an Adjunct Invited Professor at the School of Management and Technology, of the Polytechnic of Porto. He is also an integrated member of the CIICESI research centre, of the Polytechnic of Porto, and collaborates with the Algoritmi centre, in the Department of Informatics, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. He holds a PhD from a joint Doctoral Programme in Computer Science of three top Portuguese Universities (MAP-i).He develops scientific research in the fields of Fraud Detection (focusing on active and online learning), xAI, Human-Computer Interaction and Context-aware Computing. His main interest lies in acquiring information in a non-intrusive way, from the human’s interaction with the computer, namely to assess stress, mental fatigue and emotions. He has participated in several research projects in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Ambient Intelligence and Online Dispute Resolution. He is the author of several publications in his field of interest, including one authored book, one edited book and more than 100 book chapters, journal papers and conference and workshop papers.


The aim of the DIGITALIZED! Society in the Era of Digital Revolution project is to develop new methods to intensify the cooperation between the universities of Una Europa, and to conduct scientific research. The project also endeavours to popularize and educate. Moreover, the additional goal is to implement and carry out projects in the socio-economic environment that are connected with the impact of the digital revolution which influences changes in the social world.

DIGITALIZED! is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange as part of the Academic International Partnerships programme. The project also supported a special edition of Una Europa Seed Funding, the results of which were recently announced. Head to our DIGITALIZED! story to learn about the six successful projects.

This event is supported by the DIGITALIZED! project funded by NAWA, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.