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Joint Innovative Formats (JIFs) for Education – fact sheets and manuals

Una Europa's Joint Innovative Formats (JIFs) for Education equip higher education practitioners and policymakers with the blueprints for our successful pilot programmes – including our Joint Bachelor, Micro-credentials Programme and Joint Doctoral Spaces.

Explore our JIF fact sheets and manuals below to uncover our approach to piloting these programmes and learn how you can replicate these formats in your own ecosystem.

Joint Bachelor

Una Europa Joint Bachelor degrees are designed to harness the complementary strengths of our partner universities and follow the alliance’s guiding pedagogical principles of offering high-quality research-based education that is interdisciplinary, multilingual and international at the core.

Joint Doctoral Spaces

Una Europa Joint Doctoral Spaces are joint teaching and research ecosystems co-designed by researchers from the Una Europa alliance for doctoral candidates. Our Joint Doctoral Spaces offer doctoral candidates joint interdisciplinary doctoral degrees and programmes, access to transnational research teams, joint PhD workshops and numerous other joint courses and micro-credentials.

Joint MOOC Series

The Joint MOOC series is developed by several partner universities but offered as one short, coherent programme. The MOOC Series is recognised as part of an educational programme leading to a degree in one or more partner universities. This approach to MOOCs fits within Una Europa’s wider framework on micro-credentials.

The Una Challenge

The Una Challenge is a transnational competition based on Una Europa’s approach to challenge-based learning. With a duration of 10 days to two months, this format engages teams of students across the alliance with real-world challenges and provides them with the skills to conceptualise and solve complex problems.

These Joint Innovative Formats for education were initiated under the 1Europe project.

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