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Micro-credential in Sustainability

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The Micro-credential in Sustainability consists of five MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which, once completed, award the learner with 10ECTS. After studying the introductory course, there are four additional courses covering the environmental, economic, and social aspects of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Micro-credential programme:

  • gives a holistic understanding of global sustainability challenges and how to address them.
  • critically discusses the dimensions, theories, and concepts of sustainability.
  • responds to the demands of green transition, the rapidly changing labour market and society at large.
  • offers a flexible way to supplement your degree from any discipline with research-based knowledge on sustainable development and skills, applicable within many different sectors of society.

You will learn to analyse sustainability and its importance and impacts with an interdisciplinary approach. After studying the Micro-credential programme, you will have a basic understanding of sustainability from ecological, social and economic perspectives. You are introduced to the indicators that allow measurements of sustainable development, as well as to structures that hinder sustainability transformations. The SDGs also become reflected critically in different cultural contexts.

While examining the notions and narratives of sustainability in diverse economic, socio-cultural, technological, political, legal, and scientific situations, you learn to solve sustainability problems. The interdisciplinary and international online environment allows comparisons and teaches about interrelations and complexity in achieving common sustainability goals.v

Why choose the Una Europa Micro-credential in Sustainability?

  • Obtain a Micro-credential
    • The micro-credential is designed for your personal and professional development in the field of sustainability. The digital micro-credential and 10 ECTS credits are issued by the University of Helsinki on behalf of Una Europa.
  • Gain sustainability competences
    • Competences in sustainable development and sustainability can be obtained and utilized in several fields: policymaking, economy, project evaluation and assessment, socio-cultural aspects of sustainability, education, health, holistic approaches and system planning, long-term effects on the environment, and socio-economic impacts and regulations.
  • Set your own learning path
    • Study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.
  • Multidisciplinary and quality
    • Co-developed by three universities within Una Europa, the Micro-credential programme is based on the latest research on Environmental, Sustainability and Atmospheric Sciences, Economics and Art. The Micro-credential is included as a module in the curriculum of the Master’s Programme for Atmospheric Sciences of the University of Helsinki.
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