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Micro-credential in Sustainability

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Learning Outcomes

By completing the Micro-credential in Sustainability, you have gained:

  • a holistic understanding of global sustainability challenges and how they are addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (UN SDGs)
  • interdisciplinary skills and critical knowledge to analyse sustainability, its various indicators and the hindrances and impacts of sustainable development
  • a systems perspective to the interlinkages between the different aspects of sustainability, as well as their political, socio-cultural, economic, technological, and legal, backgrounds
  • constructive skills to promote sustainability inclusively, create solutions and promote the achievement of Agenda 2030.
  • negotiation, argumentation and co-creation skills and learn to use them to facilitate sustainability transformations.

Study Programme

The Micro-credential programme consists of 5 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and is worth 10 ECTS credits in total. In order to obtain the Micro-credential, you must study all 5 MOOCs.

The Micro-credential is included as a module in the curriculum of the Master’s Programme for Atmospheric Sciences of the University of Helsinki. The credits and the micro-credential are awarded by the University of Helsinki.

All MOOCs are studied in an interdisciplinary and international online environment allowing comparisons and building awareness of the complexities of striving for common sustainability goals.

Enrollment for Micro-credential and order of studies

Please note: at this time the Micro-credential programme (resulting in a certificate of completion) is limited to degree students of Una Europa partner universities, Climate university and Biodiversity network. The courses are open for all.

You can study the Micro-credential programme by first starting with Introduction to sustainability (3 ECTS). After this you may study the rest of the 4 MOOCs at your own pace.

Enroll to every course individually. Una europa students are required to use their university email for all registrations. Enrollment info on courses page.

After completing all 5 required moocs, the student applies for the micro-credential using this e-form. An online certificate will then be issued by University of Helsinki if the student has successfully enrolled to and received credits for all 5 courses.

Language Policy and Requirements

All courses in the micro-credential programme are in English, CEFR level B2.

The Micro-credential in Sustainability is for Una Europa master’s or doctoral degree students. The prerequisite is to have a bachelor's degree or equivalent level studies.