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Lifelong Learning Certificate in Sustainability: Waste and water management for local communities

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LLC - Sustainability

Waste and Water Management for Local Communities

International professors and experts come together to make learners more conscious about the legal, social, and economic implications of the utilities sector. Learners will acquire key tools to face the challenges in the waste and water management in local communities in order to create a sustainable future. The learning path will be intertwined with a dialogue involving professionals working in utility companies and start-ups, and representatives of local authorities.

Receive the green light to make an impact

This course will provide you with the right tools to tackle the challenges faced today in the waste and water management sector. But there's more, you will receive an official and internationally recognised certificate that will prove your understanding of the legal, social and economic aspects that drive the utilities sector, and of best practices in this field.

Who is this course intended for?

  • Professionals: are you working in a utility company, public administration, regulatory agency, ministry, local government, or start-up? Refine your skills and improve your work!
  • Graduates: are you a graduate in economics, law, engineering, science or social sciences? Open the doors of the utilities sector!
  • Companies: are you a financial institution, consultancy firm or multi-utilities company? Invest in your employees' skills and make your future more sustainable!
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