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Student Guide

The need for information does not stop once you arrive in a new country. This section provides you with links to websites that will help you navigate your daily life.

Student cards

Student cards can provide access to amenities such as university libraries, give discounts at local shops, and more. To learn more about how to get a student card and about the benefits the card offers, please visit:


Getting to a new city and then getting around that city is an important part of any international experience. Students in Europe can now do so in a more sustainable way thanks to websites such as Erasmus by Train, Green Tickets and The Man in Seat Sixty-One. If you wish to learn more about local transportation and about the availability of sustainable and discounted options, please visit the following websites:

University campuses

© The University of Edinburgh

These links will help you find your way to lectures, seminars and study sessions in the library:

Welcome activities

Getting to know the university, the city and some new people can be difficult. Taking part in welcome activities is an easy way to learn more about your surroundings and to meet other students. You can read about the different activities on the following websites:

Daily life

© Linda Tammisto

The tips on the following web pages could make your daily life easier and cheaper:

Health care, well-being and safety

© UZ Leuven

Taking care of one's well-being and health is always important. The following links will take you to websites that will tell you what to do when you are ill, and where to turn to should any problems arise:

Diversity and inclusion

© Peter Himsel

Taking diverse backgrounds and life situations into account in an inclusive way is at the core of our Una Europa values. To learn more about the services and activities that are available, please visit the following sites:


Una Europa universities and students share an aspiration for the “sustainable university”. If you wish to learn more about sustainability initiatives in each university, please visit the following web pages:

Language learning

© Idiomas Complutense

Learning the local language is one of the goals of many international degree and exchange students. In many cases though, it is also possible to study other languages. The following websites help you to get started:

Volunteering and leisure

© Pascal Levy / Panthéon-Sorbonne

Student life is not just about parties. Most universities offer volunteering opportunities as well as clubs and societies that focus on a variety of activities. The following websites provide information about what our universities have to offer:

At the end of your stay

© Linda Tammisto

Many universities have alumni communities and some countries and municipalities require some paperwork before leaving. Please check the following sites to find out more about these matters: