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Joint Bachelor of Arts in European Studies

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Degree requirements

  • A degree of secondary education awarded by a Member State of the European Union, provided that you can be admitted in that Member State to an equivalent programme as the BAES,
  • or a degree of higher education awarded within the European Union,
  • or a degree or certificate awarded within the European Union which is deemed equivalent to the degrees mentioned in the categories above.
  • Applicants who have obtained a degree or certificate (i) in a State outside the European Union, or (ii) in a Member State of the European Union and their degree is not deemed equivalent within the meaning of the paragraph above can also be admitted to the programme on the condition that such degree or certificate gives access to a Bachelor's programme in the State where it has been awarded, comparable to the BAES, and on the condition that the degree or certificate in question has been authenticated.
    ​​​​​​​For the admission of these students quantitative restrictions may apply.

Language requirements

  • English language proficiency of level B2, to be proven by means of
    • an IELTS test (minimum score 6.5),
    • a TOEFL test (minimum score 90),
    • or a Cambridge English Exam (minimum overall score 176, minimum sub scores 169),
  • or a degree of secondary or higher education obtained in Australia, English speaking Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK or the USA,
  • or a degree awarded within the European Union in which at least 12 hours per week were taught in English during your last year or during the entire secondary education on a weekly basis.

Tuition fees & application deadlines

Non-EEA students

  • Annual tuition fee: € 6900
  • Apply by: March 1st

EEA students

  • Annual tuition fee: € 2000
  • Apply by: June 1st

Want to apply immediately? Apply via lead university KU Leuven's website today!