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Joint Bachelor of Arts in European Studies

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The Bachelor in European Studies grants access to multiple master's programmes in Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, Arts, Economics, Law and Philosophy.

Bachelor in European Studies graduates will have a deep understanding of the complexities of Europe and European organisations, which have become increasingly important in the context of ever-deeper European integration and globalisation. In addition, students will have developed a full suite of transversal skills acquired through intra-European mobility, language skills and group work carried out in a multicultural context.

Our graduates will therefore be ideally placed to take on key positions in a wide variety of leading international companies and organisations, in a range of sectors:

  • European organizations
  • National and subnational public services
  • Transnational consultancy and lobby groups
  • National economic sectors
  • Cultural sectors
  • Journalism
  • & many more!

In addition to Europe-focused organisations, European Studies graduates are attractive candidates for national and subnational public services, transnational consultancy and lobby groups, national economic sectors, cultural sectors and news organisations.

Master's programme opportunities after BAES

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