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MOOC: AI in Society

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will have:

  • a basic understanding of various ethical and social aspects of AI, at the levels of social interaction and society as a whole
  • a necessary conceptual framework and cognitive tools to position AI applications in their social contexts and to assess their societal impact
  • an awareness and the ability to prevent potentially unwanted consequences and make deliberate choices in value-laden contexts while developing AI applications

Study programme

The course consists of modules. You can choose a combination of modules that match your interests and background. Besides the compulsory Introduction module, you can choose from a number of elective modules:

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to the course
    • AI and Values
    • AI in Society
  • Elective modules
    • AI and discrimination

This list is not exhaustive; more elective elective modules will be published later.

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