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Lifelong Learning Certificate in Data Science: From data to decision

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From Data to Decision

Lifelong Learning Certificate - Data Science: look to the future

An international course involving instructors and experts from five European universities. The proposed topics include innovative technologies, languages of the online world, and strategies for the analysis and interpretation of data. A learning path leading to extracting meaning from data: everything you need to achieve your ambitions and obtain the skills required to enjoy a competitive advantage in the market.

The end of the course is only the beginning

After working with experts in the field of Data Science, partaking in interactive activities and practical field applications like Health and Wellbeing, you will obtain an official, internationally recognised certificate.

But the certificate is not all. In addition:

  • you will break old habits and methods, keeping pace with current trends
  • you will be able to use data to develop successful business strategies
  • you will acquire versatile skills and methods to analyse and interpret data, and learn to adapt them to various contexts
  • you will update and develop your soft skills
  • your business will be able to nurture talents and become more competitive in the market

All that's left for you is to apply what you have learned to enhance your work.