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Ukraine Portal


Ukrainian and Russian students & staff are an invaluable part of our community. Una Europa stands in solidarity with those impacted by the invasion of Ukraine.

" We stand with all students affected by the conflict. As representatives of all Una Europa students, we issue a solemn call for peace and for action, such as assistance for students transitioning from their home countries to EU universities. "

Una Europa Student Board

All Una Europa partners have developed concrete support measures to help students and staff from Ukraine. Measures range from very practical support, e.g. housing, to engagement in debates on relevant policy adjustments in the European higher education sector at large.

On this portal page, we have collected our partners' useful links for Ukrainian students and researchers, primarily for those who were forced to leave Ukraine and are not yet enrolled or employed at our universities.

A general introduction to studying at the Una Europa universities is available in our Student Guide. One of our first joint formats, the Una Europa Bachelor of European Studies, is currently recruiting its first students, with a closing deadline on 1 June for EEA students.

Wherever possible, we seek collaboration and synergies with other relevant portals, such as Science for Ukraine, which collects and disseminates university opportunities across Europe.

Support measures for Ukraine on our universities' websites

Collaboration with Unite!

Una Europa seeks cooperation with other European University Alliances to strengthen our common goals of upholding European values and acting accordingly. We are pleased to strengthen our existing cooperation with Unite! by making our information for Ukrainian students and staff mutually accessible.