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Doctoral Programme in Cultural Heritage

Co-developed by

PhD Master Classes

Master classes given by the Una Europa Chair on Cultural Heritage.

Learning objectives: excellent knowledge in one research field related to Cultural Heritage; collaboration with other Una Europa universities the Una Europa Chair is developing teaching and research programmes with; access to projects Una Europa Chair is developing with non-academic partners.

Summer Camps

Organized once a year. Doctoral candidates working on a common project, managed by a Una Europa professor, in situ, for several weeks.

Learning objectives: excellent experience in terms of field work; team work and project management; decision-making.

Blended interdisciplinary “project workshops”

Doctoral candidates working together on a project ideally commissioned by cultural institutions / local authorities / businesses. Consisting of several regular virtual meetings between the project team and one final physical workshop for the presentation of the results.

Learning objectives: capacity to respond to a professional / institutional demand; knowledge on societal needs in the field of Cultural Heritage; team work and team management; decision making; analysis of the situation; synthesis; project management.

Professional Certificate

Doctoral candidates could choose from the created professional certificates.

Learning objectives: in relation with the specific Life Long Learning certificate; collaboration with heritage professionals the certificates are primarily developed for; knowledge of the specific heritage professional context.

*each elective course brings 4 ECTS