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Joint Doctoral Programme in Cultural Heritage

Co-developed by

PhD Master Class

Master classes given by the Una Europa Chair on Cultural Heritage.

Learning objectives: excellent knowledge in one research field related to Cultural Heritage; collaboration with other Una Europa universities the Una Europa Chair is developing teaching and research programmes with; access to projects Una Europa chair is developing with non-academic partners.

Summer Camps

Organized once a year. Doctoral candidates working on a common project, managed by a Una Europa professor, in situ, for several weeks.

Learning objectives: excellent experience in terms of field work; team work and project management; decision-making.

Blended interdisciplinary “project workshops”

Doctoral candidates working together on a project ideally connected to a “command” by cultural institutions / local authorities / enterprises. Consisting of several regular virtual meetings between the project team and one final physical workshop for the presentation of the results. The final presentation session can be integrated to the PhD Workshop meeting.

Learning objectives: capacity to respond to a professional / institutional demand; knowledge on societal needs in the field of Cultural Heritage; team work and team management; decision making; analysis of the situation; synthesis; project management.

Professional Certificate

Doctoral candidates could choose from the created professional certificates.

Learning objectives: in relation with the specific LLL certificate; collaboration with heritage professionals the certificates are primarily developed for; knowledge of the specific heritage professional context.

*each elective course brings 4 ECTS