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Doctoral Programme in Cultural Heritage

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Meet the people and organizational units behind the Una Europa Doctoral Programme in Cultural Heritage: Una Europa Cultural Heritage Self-Steering Committee, potential thesis supervisors, key stakeholders relating to Una-Her-Doc governance, teaching and course content, as well as truly transnational cohorts of Una-Her-Doc doctoral candidates.

Una Europa and Cultural Heritage Focus Area

Within Una Europa ecosystem and its 6 transdisciplinary focus areas, each steered by a group of academics from Una Europa universities, the Cultural Heritage Self-Steering Committee (SSC) is coordinated by Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. The role of a SSC is to develop a framework for collaboration in a particular thematic area, as well as different activities inscribed within - educational programmes, activities and modules, research projects and various scientific events.

Since 2019, the universities of Una Europa have implemented and launched an important number of research and training activities in relation with Cultural Heritage, among which, Una Europa Doctoral Program in Cultural Heritage and several PhD workshops on different topics related to heritage. The Una-Her-Doc programme was thus launched in 2021 and the first international cohort of doctoral candidates started their studies in February 2022.

Furthermore, in 2023, we developed a broader Una Europa strategy and an action plan on Cultural Heritage, consisting of various research, teaching and outreach programs and activities, that we are currently developing.

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Una-Her-Doc Governance

Una-Her-Doc programme is governed by the following bodies: Una-Her-Doc coordinating university, Una-Her-Doc Joint Doctoral Committee and Una-Her-Doc Steering Committee. All the bodies work in conjunction with PhD schools or programmes of the eight universities* participating in Una-Her-Doc and with Una Europa Board of Directors.

  • Until June 2025, Una-Her-Doc coordinating university is Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. The coordinating university deals with the administrative coordination of the Una-Her-Doc programme, namely – the registration to the programme; supporting programme events; monitoring whether a doctoral candidate complies with the workload dedicated to Una-Her-Doc programme, as defined in the individual co-supervision agreement; issuing the Una-Her-Doc certificate.
  • Una-Her-Doc Joint Doctoral Committee (JDC) manages the Una-Her-Doc, defines its study programme and assesses whether the applications for the Una-Her-Doc are admissible. It consists of eight members, from the 8 partner universities, nominated on the basis of their expertise in heritage studies. Names of the current JDC Members are available in the Contacts Section.
  • The Una-Her-Doc Steering Committee consists of i) the members of the JDC, ii) representative PhD supervisors: 1 designated by each Party and iii) representative PhD candidates: 1 designated by each Party. The Una-Her-Doc Steering Committee reflects on the general principles of the programme and has a consultative role in it.

* Currently, only 8 initial Una Europa universities participate in the delivery of Una-Her-Doc (Freie Universität Berlin, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna, Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie, University of Edinburgh, Helsingin Yliopisto, KU Leuven, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne). However, the process of on-boarding three new universities (Universiteit Leiden, University College Dublin, and Universität Zürich) is envisaged soon.

Cohorts of Una-Her-Doc Candidates

Teaching Team

Teaching team of the Una-Her-Doc involves many thesis supervisors, professors and researchers from all the eight Una Europa universities, working in the field of Cultural Heritage Studies. Many well renowned academics outside Una Europa and cultural heritage professionals are also involved as the guest lecturers within different courses proposed in the programme.

List of Thesis Supervisors

* Doctoral candidates are invited to choose one of the following supervisors from the university they are interested in enrolling. Together with her/him, a doctoral candidate might also choose a co-supervisor in one of the other seven Una Europa universities.

** the list is not exhaustive, other supervisors from 8 Una Europa universities could be considered as well

Freie Universität Berlin

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

Professor Luca Zan
Associate Professor Paolo Ferri
Associate Professor Roberto Braga
Professor Massimo Garai
Associate Professor Carla Martini
Senior Assistant Professor Cristina Chiavari
Associate Professor Elena Bernardi
Professor Patrizia Battilani
Associate Professor Tiziana Lazzari
Associate Professor Antonio Curci
Associate Professor Zelda Franceschi
Professor Rocco Mazzeo
Junior Assistant Professor Eugenio Bortolini
Profesor Elisa Baroncini
Associate Professor Maria Pia Morigi
Assistant Professor Carla Cuomo
Associate Professor Francesco Benelli
Associate Professor Ilaria Bartolini
Associate Professor Andrea Borsari
Professor Simona Tondelli
Professor Annalisa Trentin
Professor Ernesto Antonini
Associate Professor Eugenia Rossi di Schio
Professor Sahra Talamo
Professor Chiara Elefante
Associate Professor John Patrick Leech
Professor Marco Beretta
Associate Professor Matteo Pasetti
Associate Professor Monica Azzolini
Associate Professor Claudio Paolucci
Senior Assistant Professor Francesco Mazzucchelli
Associate Professor Claudia Scorolli
Associate ProfessorAna Pano Alaman
Associate Professor Monica Perotto
Professor Alessandro Zironi
Associate Professor Valeria Zotti
Professor Giovanni Leoni
Professor Raffaella Baccolini
Professor Cristina Boari
Associate Professor Michele Ducceschi
Associate Professor Silvio Peroni
Professor Vincenzo Lavenia
Associate Professor Cristiana Cervini

University of Edinburgh

Senior Lecturer Jen Ross
EFI Chancellor’s Fellow and Turing Fellow Beatrice Alex
Senior Lecturer Glaire Anderson
Lecturer Louise Blanke
Lecturer James Cook
Senior Lecturer Lawrence Dritsas
Lecturer Rachel Joy Harkness
Professor Edward Hollis
Chancellor’s Fellow - Senior Lecturer Katherine Inglis
Professor Laura Jeffery
Senior Lecturer William Lamb
Professor Juliette MacDonald
Senior Lecturer Esther Mijers
Senior Lecturer Jonathan Murray
Curator Jenny Nex
Chancellor’s Fellow Tanja Romankiewicz
Senior Lecturer Joanne Rowland
Lecturer Philippa Sheail
Lecturer Margaret Stewart
Professor Candace Jones
Lecturer Liz Adamson
Lecturer Moa Carlsson
Professor Alex Bremner
Teaching and Research Fellow Kirsten Carter McKee
Senior Lecturer Ella Chmielewska
Lecturer Peter Clericuzio
Professor Viccy Coltman
Lecturer Anne Desler
Professor Suzanne Ewing
Reader Alistair Fair
Professor Frances Fowle
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Jonathan Gardner
Professor Miles Glendinning
Professor Claudia Hopkins
Lecturer Marian Jago
Lecturer Itandehui Jansen
Lecturer Francisca Lima
Senior Lecturer John Lowrey
Professor Juliette MacDonald
Lecturer Catriona Murray
Reader Halle O'Neal
Lecturer Elizabeth J. Petcu
Senior Lecturer Heather Pulliam
Senior Teaching Fellow Ruxandra-Iulia Stoica
Lecturer Penny Travlou
Professor Genevieve Warwick
Senior Lecturer Smita Kheria
Lecturer David Overend
Reader Shari Sabeti
Professor Helen Bond
Senior Lecturer Hannah Holtschneider
Senior Lecturer Arkotong Longkumer
Professor Jolyon Mitchell
Professor Brian Stanley
Senior Lecturer Talat Ahmed
Senior Lecturer Robin Bendrey
Lecturer Louise Blanke
Senior Lecturer Adam Budd
Reader Manuel Fernández-Götz
Senior Lecturer Linda Fibiger
Chancellor's Fellow Jon Henderson
Lecturer Gianluca Raccagni
Senior Lecturer Julius Ruiz
Senior Lecturer Ben Russell
Professor Eberhard Wolfram Sauer
Lecturer Anja Slawisch
Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier
Senior Lecturer Sam Coombes
Professor Rob Dunbar
Professor Michelle Keown
Senior Lecturer Arne Kruse
Senior Lecturer Anouk Lang
Lecturer Marie Legendre
Lecturer Giulia Liberatore
Professor James Loxley
Senior Lecturer Alan Macniven
Senior Lecturer Neill Martin
Professor Wilson McLeod
Professor Tom Mole
Saintsbury Professor Francis O'Gorman
Professor Federica Pedriali
Lecturer Guy Puzey
Reader Jose Saval
Professor Frédéric Volpi
Regius Professor Greg Walker
Senior Lecturer Vicky Chondrogianni
Professor Richard Baxstrom
Senior Lecturer John Harries
Senior Lecturer Casey High
Lecturer María Angélica Thumala Olave
Senior Lecturer James Kennedy
Lecturer Siobhan Magee
Professor Nasar Meer
Senior Lecturer Niamh Moore
Professor Paul Nugent
Senior Lecturer Niki Vermeulen
Professor Robin Williams
Professor Melissa Terras
Professor Douglas Cairns
Professor John W. Cairns
Senior Lecturer Filippo Fontanelli
Lecturer Dimitris Theodossopoulos
Chancellor's Fellow Chiara Bonacchi
Lecturer Arturo Rey da Silva
Professor Richard Williams

Helsingin Yliopisto

Professor Henrik Meinander
Academy Research Fellow Janne Lahti
University Lecturer Antti Korpisaari
Professor Hanna Snellman
Professor Volker Heyd
University Lecturer Pia Olsson
Professor Xenia Zeiler
Professor Niklas Jensen-Eriksen
University Lecturer Derek Fewster
Assistant Professor Kristin Ilves
Professor Mikko Saikku
Professor Peter Stadius
University Lecturer Ulla Savolainen
Professor Kirsi Saarikangas
University Researcher Jukka Kortti

KU Leuven

Professor Lode Godderis
Professor Wim François
Professor Hilde Van Gelder
Professor Jan Van der Stock
Professor Noel B. Salazar
Assistant Professor Wim Coudenys
Professor Koenraad Brosens
Professor Jeroen Poblome
Professor Barbara Baert
Professor Patrick Pasture
Professor Frederik Truyen
Assistant Professor Bart Vanmontfort
Professor Erik Buyst
Professor Jan Wouters
Associate Professor David Martens
Associate Professor Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse
Assistant Professor Kim Christiaens
Professor Marc Van Vaeck
Professor Nadia Lie
Professor Tom Verschaffel
Associate Professor Lieve Watteeuw
Professor Johan Verberckmoes
Professor Pieter Bergé
Assistant Professor Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde
Professor Yves Segers
Associate Professor Lien Verpoest
Professor Bart Van Looy
Associate Professor Thérèse Steenberghen
Professor Ann Heylighen
Associate Professor Gisèle Gantois
Professor Thomas Coomans
Associate Professor Els Verstrynge
Professor Luc Van Gool
Professor Sven Sterken
Professor Yves Schoonjans
Professor Staf Roels
Professor Marie-Francine Moens

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Professor Jean-Christophe Barbato
Professor Maria Gravari-Barbas
Professor Dominique Poulot
Professor Benoît Berard
Professor Pascal Butterlin
Professor Françoise Bostyn
Professeur Éric Conte
Reader Alain Duplouy
Professor François Giligny
Senior Researcher Laurence Manolakakis
Dr Laïla Nehme
Senior Researcher Pascal Sellier
Associate Professor Jean-Michel Tobelem
Professor Boris Valentin

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